• Lauren Lewis

Warren Family Newborn Coming Home + Maternity Sessions

I am soooo excited to show off the Warren's newborn, Rowan, and his amazing mom and dad. Let me preface this: I have a hard time NOT becoming attached to my families. I love them. I word vomit newborn tips and tricks as they adjust for light and snuggle and breathe in that sweet baby smell. I vent with them over the lack of breastfeeding support in hospitals. We chat over every detail of their new lives together, her pregnancy, the birth, and figuring out this new life together. Soaking in the dark circles under their eyes and the dreamy love-obsessed look on their faces,

I want to swim in those moments with them, because they are so vital. So beautiful. So raw.

Enter Bailey and Austin. They are the most amiable, real, gregarious people and to meet them is to want to instantly be friends. Rowan is one lucky dude, to be so cherished and enwrapped in such a happy home. They booked the mini maternity/newborn lifestyle package and I'm so glad they did, because I got to soak in their family twice as much!!

Lauren Lewis with Raise a Little Love Photography is a published Indianapolis Area Family Photographer specializing in Family, Milestone, and Newborn Lifestyle Photography for Central Indiana.

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