• Lauren Lewis

Seniors 2021: Malcom at Noblesville Town Square

I had the privilege of getting to capture Malcom's senior photos a little over a week ago. It's so fascinating to me, getting to document an infant's beginning, in the midst of raising littles, and then capturing them as they head into adulthood. There's a strange progression, as if I'm observing life in a blink, from precious to proud. I love listening to the pride in mom's voice. This sense of "I did it. We did it. I raised a great kid."

And really, Malcom is pretty great...

I love shooting in Downtown Noblesville. It's got such great architecture, texture, and a ton of great variation in a short distance. Plus, I'm a sucker for small town vibes, particularly with seniors, because it's such a beautiful starting place from... I started here, but the world is the limit for how far I'll go.

Lauren Lewis is an Indianapolis area family photographer specializing in Families, Seniors, and Milestones.

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