• Lauren Lewis

Seeing Motherhood

Mothers, more than anything in the world, need to be seen.

Why? Because our work is love, and when that love is poured daily into tiny humans with developing brains and bodies, it gets (more than) a little thankless. Little people, who are busy doing all their learning and reaching and growing, can’t see the love and effort poured into them in every action we take. They don’t see the dishes. The laundry. The appointments and schedules and activities.

From the moment they wake up in the morning until the moment they shut their eyes at night (and wake, again, and again, and again...), we pour, we fill, we do, we love. So often, (too often!) it remains unseen.

Our kids can’t see our love, because they are wrapped up in it.

Mothers- we need to be seen. We need to know that the endless days and sleepless nights hold value. We need to feel valued. That gets lost in the trash holding, sippy cup pouring, mom-I-need, taxi-running, laundry loading chaos of the day to day minutia. But momma. I see you. I see the beautiful in your ordinary moments with your children. I see how hard you love them, deep down to the marrow of your bones.

It's how I fell so head over heels in love with photography. It's not just about seeing. It's about being seen. Photography illuminates the simple connection and bonds you have with your children. Images reflect your love back to you. You don’t just see your children’s perfect faces, the clothes, the location.

You are seen.

That’s my job. That’s what I see and feel every time I pick up a camera. My job is to reflect the beauty in your love, in your struggle, in your effort. It’s for the mom who feels like she’s failing, who feels like a mess, but who shows up in love for her family anyway.

Your heart is extraordinary.

Your struggle is beautiful.

Your ordinary is breathtaking.

Your love is real.

And you deserve moments captured that reflect that.

You deserve to be seen.

Thank you Meagan, for allowing me to capture your motherhood and your beautiful children for you. You're an absolute light to your family, and it's an honor to show that light back to you.

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