• Lauren Lewis

Crawford Family In Home Newborn || Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

When I walk into a newborn home with my camera, there is a sudden sense of stepping back in time. Within a breath, I step back, 9 years ago, and remember everything. The marvel over her tiny toes. The anticipation for our future as a FAMILY(oh my gosh we are a real family now!!). The wonder that HOLY COW WE MADE A THING. And the worry over doing it right.

The almost incapacitating, overwhelming love that we felt for this tiny creature with miniscule fingernails and a tiny tetradactyl cry that sent us both running to fix whatever is causing her discomfort.

I remember it, because I feel it from the parents, too. It's tangible, and hovers in the house like a hazy, lovelorn cloud. It is an epic honor to capture that moment, that feeling, that hope, in a single gallery.

World, Meet Booker.

He is the most perfect little soul, and absolutely beloved by his parents and pup. The Crawfords are such warm, loving, and caring people, I know he is destined for great things.

Lauren Lewis with Raise a Little Love Photography is an Indianapolis Area Family Photographer specializing in At Home Newborn, Family, and Milestone Photography for Indianapolis and it's surrounding areas.

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