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Breastfeeding Session with Shovanna + Early at the Neidhammer || Indianapolis Milestone Photographer

Updated: Feb 28

Breastfeeding my children took a toll on my heart.

It tore me up, and built me back together again into this woman that I never would have recognized pre-child. In many ways, breastfeeding my children shaped me into a mother more than any amount of years of nannying or pregnancy ever could. It was, and continues to be, one of the hardest, most worthy, liberating experiences of my life. Sometimes those middle of the night feedings/ second guessing/ playing with your hair at 3 am because what else would you rather do in that moment, moments, make you feel like an island. A little lonely. A little powerful. a little badassery of "holy cow I did this".

Moms: We aren't the island. We are the monsoon.

We are the waves of love and power that flow over our children, and together, when we connect, we move mountains. In short: we are kind of awesome, and rarely take the time to appreciate how incredible we are.

So needless to say, when I book a session, and a mom asks be to capture a few moments of her nursing relationship with her child, my heart does a little happy dance

And when she books an entire mini milestone, 6 months out, the week her baby is born, I do an actual happy dance. I am so overjoyed to get to know Shovanna and Early over the planning of this session. You couldn't have asked for a more laid back babe, and Shovanna and I quickly dove into all chats motherhood, breastfeeding, and adjusting to parenting in a post-covid world.

Our original goal was to shoot at a greenhouse, but #thanksrona, most greenhouses aren't allowing photographers right now... enter the Neidhammer.

This session was absolutely out of a dream world. Special Thanks to MUA Gail Tanksley for doing beutiful work on Shovanna's Makeup!

MUA: Gail Tanksley, MUA

Venue: Neidhammer Events

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