• Lauren Lewis

Andert Family Coming Home || Carmel Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

There's a halo of love and peace that engulfs anyone who walks into the Andert Family Home. The sense of fulfilled hope for baby Benjamin pours out of their pores and fills you up with so much joy for their yearned for baby, that you just want to sit in it with them and soak in every perfect detail that is Ben.

A baby is always, always a blessing. But when a baby is hoped for, yearned for, strived for, for 7 years... I wanted to make sure that every single moment of the Andert Family's new life together was perfectly captured.

Happy Coming Home, Ben! You are one lucky, loved little guy.

Lauren Lewis with Raise a Little Love Photography is an Indianapolis Area Family Photographer, specializing in Lifestyle Moments with Families, Newborns, and Milestones... and all of the little moments in between.

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