Forget Stiff, Stressed and Boring

Let's make magic, Indianapolis Families!




I'm so glad you are here! 

My name is Lauren Lewis, Indianapolis Family Photographer, Early Childhood Educator, and Chaos Coordinator Extraordinaire. It's my mission to help you throw away the idea of stoic, don't-mess-up-your-outfit, pleasefortheloveofgodsmile stress of planning your photo session. I am here to narrate your love


You know what is important in your family: The crazy. The connection. The love and struggle and life that you breathe into each other- it goes  beyond pretty pictures. Your family photos should, too. Your family photographs are about you. It's about your love. Your connection. The right family photographer (aka, me!) realizing the beauty in your perfectly imperfect family. 

 I've spent over 12 years working with children and raising families, as a nanny, a childcare provider, mom, and photographer. Busy Toddlers or Fussy Baby? Don't worry. Would Dad rather get a root canal than get his picture taken? I gotchu.  No clue what to wear, where to put your hands, or nervous in front of the camera? Let me guide you.  When we meet, we have FUN. We dance party, make silly faces, toss babies in the air... we snuggle, laugh, and tickle fight. We make Magic.

So, how can I help you? 


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Lauren Lewis with Raise a Little Love Photography is an Indianapolis Family Photographer, specializing in Lifestyle images of Family, In Home, and Newborn Lifestyle Sessions in Northern Indianapolis, IN and it's surrounding communities. 

 I welcome and support all types of families + love. I encourage you to express your faith, diversity, and inclusivity.

This is an LGBTQ+ friendly space.

Little Love Notes

"I just have to say thank you again for your amazing talent and ability to listen and connect. Looking through our photos a year later, I am still in awe of how perfectly they turned out. Thank you again, we adore you."

- Diana Holycross