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Let's Adventure Together, Indianapolis Families! 

Hi! My name is Lauren Lewis, the photographer behind the lens at Raise a Little Love Photography.  I can't WAIT to meet you and capture all your little connections and big loves.

It's my mission to help you throw away the idea of stoic, don't-mess-up-your-outfit, pleasefortheloveofgodsmile stress of family images. I am here to document your family.  To capture your loves in the beautiful stage of life they are RIGHT NOW.  So throw on something that you feel stunning in, and come ready to PLAY. Because when you book a session with Raise a Little Love Photography, you are booking an adventure. We have dance parties, make silly faces, toss babies in the air... we snuggle, laugh, and tickle fight.

We make Magic.

Because Life, Right in this moment, is the biggest adventure of all. 


We need to remember it forever.

Take your time going through the site, I've worked hard to make sure I answer any question you may have! Want more information on your session flow? Have other questions? Want to request a style guide? Ready to book? Simply fill out the contact form below or email me directly. I do my best to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours, but if you do not hear back, please don't hesitate to follow up.


Check out more of my work! Follow me on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.

Contact Me

427 Warrior Ct Sheridan, IN 46069 

Lauren@raisealittlelove.com  |  Tel: 317-379-5277

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